Why PWC is not publishing paper copies of its annual report

As a firm advising clients on regulatory disclosure, transparency and getting digitally fit for the future, corporate reporting is a major focus for PwC.

Having produced a traditional print and pdf annual report for several years, this week we published something decidedly different. For the first time, we’ve released our annual report solely in a digital format.

Why have we done this? We, like many businesses, have been looking at how we can present annual report content in innovative ways and yet we have struggled to dispense with “the document” itself until now.

The financial statements within annual reports and accounts may lend themselves to neat tables in formal documents.

However, the narrative parts of annual reports often fail to bring business performance, strategy and risks to life. Readers of annual reports want more than walls of text broken up from time to time with some nice pictures of employees and a few helpful diagrams.

In our report, we sought to create something more accessible and interactive, while still providing our clients, regulators, our people and potential recruits with the information and data they need to understand our purpose and strategy as a firm.

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Source: Cityam.com